Fantasy Football in the UK and Beyond

For many years, the term Fantasy Football has been associated with American football. American fans love to create their fantasy teams and engage in a competition about whose team performs the best. However, this phenomenon has been creeping into European football over the past few years.

Fantasy football is now a major topic for discussion among fans of English and European football. Football fans will sign up to different fantasy games at the beginning of the season, picking the 11-15 players they think will represent the best value for money. Fans have the chance to change up their team every week, in light of injuries, suspensions and players losing or gaining form.

In addition to increasing interest in the English and European football leagues, this boom for fantasy football also represents the introduction of a whole new community.

Sites for Playing Fantasy Football

Many players choose to compete in the official fantasy football sites for different leagues. Both the English Premier League and UEFA Champions League have official fantasy football sites. These are free to play, but the cash prizes are very limited. Only the very best players can hope to make any money from these games.

Other sites, such as WoofBet, Mondogoal, and PlayOn, offer a different type of fantasy football environment. Players can create large or small community tournaments, with cash prizes at the end of every week, month or season.

Fantasy Football Tips Sites

With more people taking an interest in fantasy football in the UK, the demand for sites focused on this competition has increased. Fans want to get the latest information that will help them choose a better fantasy football team.

For example, Fantasy Football Backers provides detailed information about a fantasy game before each gameweek. The recommendations are usually covered in one article per week, where writers will give their opinions on the best players for that competition.

Fans can get insight into the players that are in good form, those who are struggling, and find out where the best value for money lies. All fans know that the likes of Diego Costa and Sergio Aguero will score a lot of goals and get a lot of points. However, these two players are also hugely expensive.

A fantasy football enthusiast wants to know about the players who will not cost much, but will still get a lot of points over the coming game weeks. As an example, the likes of Harry Kane and Saido Berehino may not be household names with every English football fan. They have really impressed this season, which increases their effectiveness for fantasy football. If someone regularly visits a Fantasy Football tips website, they will be able to add these players to their team and reap the rewards.

The people who run these websites are not just looking for clicks and an increase to their website's reputation. They are genuine football fans who want to share their knowledge with others. Writers who provide weekly recommendations are fantasy football addicts, not to mention huge fans of the English Premier League. Their thorough knowledge of the league can help other players improve their teams for the upcoming gameweeks.


In addition to tips sites, Fantasy Football also helps fans engage with each other on a topic of common interest. Instead of arguing about the merits of the clubs they support, fans can engage in friendly and in depth conversations about fantasy football. Debating whether Robin van Persie or Wilfried Bony is the better "in form striker" for fantasy football can be a lot of fun, especially if you are a football fan.